Influenza immunisation during COVID-19

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In order to prevent the potential spread of influenza during COVID-19, the national seasonal influenza immunisation program 2020 was brought forward to begin on 1 April 2020See HealthPathways for more information. 

This activity captures the regional effort to adjust flu clinic procedures from previous years, to accommodate COVID-19 social distancing and infection control guidelines. 

Healthwise Medical Tweed Heads flu vaccination clinic April 2020

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Durri Aboriginal Corporation Medical Service flu vaccination clinic April 2020

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North Coast influenza immunisation count year on year to 31 July 2020. 

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Maintain influenza immunisation in 2020 compared with previous years.

(Technically quality improvement means an increase, but our shared goal this year can be to maintain vaccination rates relative to other years.)


See region-wide graph* above for progress on flu vaccinations delivered to date.

*The data uses aggregated totals for 134 currently sharing data with NCPHN.

Starting point
Possible improvement ideas
  • Hold a flu clinic using COVID-19 social distancing and infection control guidelines View a short video of Healthwise Medical Centre flu vaccination clinic. inlinetext
  • Modify clinic procedures to vaccinate while meeting social distancing and infection control guidelines for COVID-19. See improvement ideas from other North Coast general practices.
  • Develop a workflow for identifying, notifying and vaccinating at-risk patients.
  • Review policies and procedures for anaphylaxis management, taking account of infection control guidelines for immunisation and COVID-19.
Assistance is available

North Coast PHN has contracted Kim Poyner of Medicoach to provide you with short term assistance on this improvement. Consultations with Kim are specific and unique to your practice and come with practical tools and advice. To access Kim please contact your Primary Health Coordinator or use this form

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