Healthy North Coast has partnered with MediCoach to offer your team free, in-practice facilitation for quality improvement activities.

How can MediCoach assist my practice?  

MediCoach can support your practice to:

  • bring the team together to decide and commit to an improvement idea
  • plan, start and finish a quality improvement activity
  • implement templates for chronic disease recall and reminder systems or registers
  • educate and mentor clinicians on behaviour change and health coaching
  • assist with implementing nurse-led clinics
  • create greater patient centredness, care coordination and cost efficiency.

‘Most people know what they need to do to change, they just want someone to walk alongside them, be their champion for change, and listen to what they are saying.’ — Kim Poyner

How do I get in touch?  

To organise an introductory session with Kim, please contact your local Primary Health Coordinator or complete the PCI MediCoach assistance request form

Kim Poyner has more than 20 years of experience in general practice and intensive care units. She won the 2015 APNA Best Practice Nurse Award for chronic disease management.

Kim is a: 

  • primary care executive coach and mentor 
  • Wellcoaches faculty member 
  • keynote speaker on quality improvement, change management and creating efficiency in general practice and care coordination.