Healthy North Coast / North Coast PHN funding acknowledgment and project support guidelines

Information for subcontractors, commissioned service providers and project partners

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Third parties contracted or commissioned by Healthy North Coast through the North Coast PHN program must include a funding acknowledgement in all communications materials by including both statement text and the Healthy North Coast and North Coast PHN logo lockup.

1. Please use the below approved funding acknowledgement alongside the logo lockup:

This [activity/service] is funded by Healthy North Coast through the North Coast PHN program.

2. All materials should be submitted to Healthy North Coast’s Communications Team for prior approval before being printed, distributed or published.

This applies to printed / hard copy materials, as well as digital communications, e.g. website pages. 

Media and News

1. Media Releases

Media releases relating to new announcements for Healthy North Coast-funded services, training and/or programs should be co-branded and approved by Healthy North Coast prior to distribution.

Launch / service announcement:

Healthy North Coast will act as the lead agency for the initial service launch / media announcement. Healthy North Coast will collaborate with the contracted provider/s to coordinate launch strategies, including hosting media events and liaising with Federal Ministers and local Members for Parliament.

Outcome-focused, good news stories:

Healthy North Coast encourages contracted providers to identify ‘good news’ stories throughout the contract / service period. Approved outcome-focused media releases are also shared directly with the Department of Health, as part of the PHN Communications Network workflow.

2. News

Healthy North Coast encourages contracted providers to submit content to our regular newsletters and magazines.

Healthy North Coast is committed to showcasing local services to help increase new service awareness, educate local health professionals and community members, and to celebrate local provider successes.

3. Events

Healthy North Coast can list your upcoming events on our online calendar