Ashes to Green

A series of four whole-day experiences for young people aged 12–25 on a private property in South Arm that is in the process of recovery from the 2019 fires.

Each day will reflect a different theme which promotes healing, recovery and regeneration for people and the planet: gratitude, honouring grief, seeing with new eyes and going forth into the world. The program will feature activities such as Welcome to Country, talking and listening circles, gathering of Indigenous foods, Indigenous long lunch, cultural walk and talk, nature and forest therapy walk, mindfulness practices, creating art with nature, nature journaling, sound healing ceremony, regeneration and conservation activities.

Young people will be divided into two groups of 10 for most of the daily activities so there are opportunities to develop deeper relationships within their age cohort with others from the region.

The day will begin and end in the larger group, with participants also coming together at lunch and snack breaks, to build a wider sense of community. Young people will have opportunities to share stories and create friendships with peers who have also been directly affected by the bushfires or connect around shared values and concerns about climate change.

Agency: National Parks Association



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