What’s in it for Health Practitioners?

Benefits of digital health to providers include:

  • More time with patients – less time chasing clinical information and investigations, resending or chasing referrals, scanning, printing, filing and posting
  • Better information sharing between different sources, for example between GPs and Hospitals
  • Important patient information being available to you quickly and exactly when needed
  • Helping your patients, including those with chronic and complex conditions, to better manage their health
  • Increased efficiencies may help reduce the number of unnecessary repeat tests, hospitalisations and follow-up specialist visits
  • Confidential patient correspondence only seen by treating clinicians (no scanning necessary)

For Pharmacists and Allied Health practitioners, Dr Shane Jackson explains the benefits of My Health Record:

For general practitioners Dr Chris Moy and Dr Meredith Makeham discuss the range of benefits of the My Health Record. Watch the video below.

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