Online Provider Reporting

Thank you for participating.

We are excited to be working with you as part of our pilot project group as we transition to online provider reporting.

The new process commences for you in October 2022 for your quarter 1 reporting (for the period July-Sept 2022). Please check out the links below for further information. Welcome aboard!

Learn more about the move to online reporting, plus specifics about what to expect.

After you have completed Q1 electronic reporting, please feedback about your experience.

Background and FAQs

Healthy North Coast is pleased to announce we have commenced implementation of a project to transition providers to online provider reporting. The online reporting is hosted via our existing contract management system, Folio. This new process will apply to 2022/23 reporting for a select pilot group of providers. Any outstanding 2021/22 reports still need to be submitted as per the current email process. 

We acknowledge this is a significant change to the process of submitting your status reports. Training and support are available to assist you with the transition.


Please take a look at our FAQs below and do not hesitate to contact your Healthy North Coast Key Lead or Commissioning Lead if you need further information or support.

Online provider reporting makes it easier for reportable activities to be tracked, submitted and reviewed by Healthy North Coast and providers. The portal also streamlines the process for you and Healthy North Coast using a system that is end-to-end encrypted, making it more secure than email.

Providers have the flexibility to complete online reports wherever they are and can save partially completed reports to return to later. The portal uses an online form and is not limited to any specific device.

Each provider will have at least one staff member who will be set up as a user in the system (Folio). Once set up, users will receive a ‘welcome email’ with details of how to log in. Users have access to the secure portal containing details of their key deliverables and due dates, as well as other useful resources. Users will also be sent email reminders with links to their reports prior to due dates.

Folio is an online contract management system which has been used by Healthy North Coast since 2017. It enables us to streamline our contract management and reporting in an accessible, secure and customised system. 

To take advantage of enhanced workflows offered by Folio, Healthy North Coast is using the ‘Checklists’ function to enable online provider reporting and to help providers to meet their contractual reporting requirements, in real time. 

The system also allows Healthy North Coast to bookmark essential documents as resources for providers. 

Yes, every person who has been nominated to complete online provider reports on behalf of the provider has their own username and password. Each user will see a homepage where they can view tasks and resources assigned to them.

Note: For security reasons, generic user accounts for organisations (e.g. ‘reception’) are not permitted and multiple users should not share logins.

No. To access online provider reporting, first you will need to follow the instructions in your welcome email explaining how to set up a password and log in.

If you try to access a report (Checklist) before completing the above steps, you will be redirected to the login page requesting your user name and password.

Yes, a provider can have more than one person assigned to each report. One person can complete and submit the report or multiple people can contribute. For example, one person answers the questions, one person uploads any attachments (i.e. a Financial Acquittal Report), and then someone else reviews the report before submitting. 

If you are responsible for only part of the report, click ‘Save for Later’ to save your changes for the next person to complete their section. Only once the report is completed by all persons should it be ‘Submitted’.

Yes, you can see who else has been assigned to reports that you are also assigned to. To do this, go to your homepage and click into the required report. In the ‘Details’ tab on the right-hand side, you will see a drop-down list titled ‘Responsibilities’. Click the down arrow to show the ‘Checklist – person responsible’ to see who else it has been assigned to.

Yes, you can extract the questions as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. To do this, open the report and click on the export button (to the right of the blue answer questions). The drop box will provide three options: PDF, spreadsheet, and filter and export to a spreadsheet.

Reports will appear in your ‘To Do List’ when they have been assigned to you. If you believe there is one missing, please contact your Healthy North Coast Key Lead (Operational Contact) or Commissioning Lead.

Although your reports have a due date, there is no preset cut-off date for submission. All reports will appear as due on the third Monday of the month following the quarter you are reporting on. If it is not submitted on or before the due date, the report will remain in your ‘To Do List’ as an overdue item.

Contact your Key Lead or Commissioning Lead. They will be able to return the report to your ‘To Do List’ so that you can make amendments and resubmit.


Thank you for sharing your experience.