Interview invitation for cervical screening research

Supporting Choice for Cervical Screening is a national project which aims to generate evidence about how the choice for self-collection can be implemented in different services and settings, to ensure equitable access and increased participation for people who currently experience barriers to cervical screening. 

The project is co-led by the University of Melbourne and the Daffodil Centre, a joint venture between Cancer Council NSW and the University of Sydney.  

Participants can take part in an interview as an individual (up to 60 minutes) or as part of a group with colleagues (up to 1.5 hours).  The interview will be held online via Zoom or Teams. 

To indicate your interest in an interview please click HERE.

For enquiries, please contact the Supporting Choice team: [email protected] 

University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) reference: 2023-26114-38488-1