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What is in a My Health Record?

My Health Record is a secure online summary of key patient health information. Healthcare providers can access the system to view and add information. The benefits of using My Health Record include:

  • provides immediate access to key health information
  • facilitates the validation and verification of clinical information
  • avoids adverse medication events, provides access to allergy information
  • avoids duplication of tests and diagnostic imaging
  • provides immunisation details, and
  • improves continuity of care, informs end of life care.

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Privacy and Security

Under the My Health Records Act, staff members authorised by a healthcare organisation can access and view a patient’s record for the purpose of providing healthcare, and provided it is in accordance with any access controls. In addition to clinicians, a healthcare organisation may authorise other staff to access the system as part of their role in healthcare delivery.

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What information can I view in My Health Record?
Introduction to My Health Record
Privacy and My Health Record Assessments
My Health Record for carers

Talk to your patients about My Health Record

Discuss how My Health Record is a safe and secure place to keep their key health information, available to them and their healthcare providers anytime, including in an emergency.

In particular, this will help people who have complex health conditions, young families, or those who see several healthcare providers.

The benefits for them include:

  • prompt access to key health information in an emergency
  • secure, convenient access to health information
  • safer, faster more efficient care
  • less need to remember key aspects of their medical history and medications
  • improved management of health information, and
  • informed self-management of health conditions.


Find out how to view and upload information to your patient’s My Health Record.


My Health Record set up for patients

Most people in Australia already have a My Health Record. However, if you have a patient who would like assistance with registering for the first time, your organisation may be able to assist them to register for a My Health Record.

Your patients need to use their myGov account to link to their My Health Record. They can visit to access their myGov account. Extra support is available at Your My Health Record.

They can visit to access their myGov account; if they need extra support, they can visit Your MyHealth Record or call our Help line on 1800 723 471.

Helpful information is available on the My Health Record website to help people access and use their My Health Record for the first time including setting extra privacy controls and personal preferences.


Find out how to view and upload information to your patient’s My Health Record.

Learn more

To help you on your journey to learn more about My Health Record the Australian Digital Health Agency has created this recommended training list in PDF format for you.

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