Lismore flood support

Supporting flood-affected health care providers

Healthy North Coast is pleased to announce that the Australian Government and NSW Government are providing grant funding totalling $5mil towards further targeted support for flood-affected health care providers in Lismore, NSW Local Government Area (LGA). This grant funding is being provided to deliver a program of infrastructure repair and relocation.

The Healthy North Coast now invites eligible grant recipients1 in the Lismore, NSW (LGA) impacted by the 2022 floods to apply for grant funding to deliver a program of infrastructure repair and relocation.

The program

Under funding for this grants program, eligible grant recipients1 may receive up to $100,000 per applicant for the purpose of rebuilding flood-damaged infrastructure (buildings or fit-outs), replacing flood-damaged equipment, or relocating to alternative premises within Lismore LGA. Where an applicant’s rebuilding, repair, or relocation costs are less than $100,000, the grant amount will not exceed the rebuild, repair, or relocation cost. Where those costs exceed $100,000, the grant amount will not exceed the $100,000 cap. With exception to the following:

Applicants who have received support under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) and/or NSW grants remain eligible to apply for the grants but prior support will be factored into determination of the level of support available. For example, an applicant requiring $80,000 to replace flood-damaged equipment who had already received $25,000 under DRFA or NSW grant support would receive $55,000 under this program.

There will be additional flexibility for additional assistance of up to a total of $200,000 for up to ten highly impacted applicants to be determined by Healthy North Coast in line with all the above criteria except the $100,000 cap.

For the purposes of this program,

  1. eligible grant recipients are: health care providers2 with infrastructure located within the Lismore, NSW, Local Government Area (LGA) that was damaged by the 2022 floods.
  2. health care providers are: general practices, allied health (including mental health), dental practices, pharmacies, private specialists, pathology providers, drug and alcohol treatment services, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services


  1. Please read the grant guidelines here before filling the application form. (Insert Guideline)
  2. Begin application (Hyperlink, or Download form? )
  3. Please complete this application form and email to [email protected] including any attachments in support of your application