Flood Recovery Infrastructure
Grants Program 2023​


For any questions or requests for application assistance, please use our contact form and a Healthy North Coast team member will be in touch: click here

Applications close 5pm Friday 10 March 2023.

To avoid any technical issues, we suggest developing your application offline using this template and copy your final information into the online form below.

Please note, you can also use the Save and Continue function when completing the online form below. An email will be sent to you with a custom link to return to your in-progress application.

  1. Evidence of business location/s:
    e.g., utility bill, business licence, bank statement.
  2. Evidence of damages:
    e.g., may include emergency services reports, builders’ reports, photographs, OR a statutory declaration by the applicant’s authorised representative.
  3. Evidence to support the grant value being applied for:
    e.g., may include invoices for work already conducted or equipment already purchased; estimates of rebuilding costs made by licensed construction contractors; quotes for equipment purchase issued by equipment supply companies; or property price/rent assessments from commercial real estate, agents and relocation costs.
  4. A statutory declaration by an authorised officer that no insurance claims had been paid or were pending for the premises or equipment being applied for in this grant application.

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