Management Principles for Chronic Non Cancer Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

• Is pain persisting beyond 3 months
• Is real but does not always reflect the extent of tissue damage
• Is always influenced by central nervous system processes (including sensitisation, emotions, and thoughts) and the environmental context in which it occurs.



ACI Pain Management Network provides a website is designed to help your patients gain a better understanding of their pain. The site contains information to enable skill development and knowledge in the self-management of pain in partnership with their healthcare providers.

The site provides stories from other people, who share how they too have lived with chronic pain. The website has a number of episodes which should be viewed over several days to weeks. Anyone who has concerns viewing or reading the material are advised to consult their doctor or health professional.

For young people with chronic pain, there’s a youth channel with episodes they can work through with a range of exercises and useful tips throughout.

Early assessment and effective management of pain is essential to prevent its progression to Chronic Pain. Best evidence for effective management and prevention of chronic pain is to use an interdisciplinary bio-psychosocial approach to people in pain. The ACI website provides tools and resources below will help guide management of chronic pain.

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