Provider Connect Australia

Reducing red tape for healthcare organisations

Provider Connect Australia is operated by the Australian Digital Health Agency is a single place to update your business information that reduces duplication and streamlines notifications.

A single place to update business information

Provider Connect Australia™ (also known as PCA™) is an initiative of the Australian Digital Health Agency to help healthcare provider organisations update their business information in a single source.

This improves the accuracy of healthcare service and practitioner information, while reducing duplication and streamlining notifications.

Register with PCA™️

Register with PCA™ and start publishing information to preferred business partners.

Head to the PCA™️ portal to find out more information.

PCA in the news

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Helping healthcare providers

Healthcare provider organisations can use PCA™ to provide consistent, up-to-date information about healthcare services to funders, health service directories, communication services, and other key partners in your healthcare service delivery. 

How does Provider Connect Australia work? ​

Once registered with PCA™, healthcare providers can update their business information and choose to automatically send updates to their connected business partners. 

Over time, business partners will include funders, public service directories, secure messaging providers and more. 

This means you can maintain a single master copy of your organisation’s details and your chosen business partners will automatically receive any updates. 

PCA™ will save time, reduce human error and remove the hassle of filling out multiple forms. 

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