Landmark Agreement to Focus on Aboriginal Health Outcomes via a new Partnership in Primary Health Care

Six North Coast Aboriginal Medical Services in partnership with Healthy North Coast today launched a landmark agreement that will place an increased focus on improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the North Coast.

The partnership seeks to progress the ‘National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2021-2031’ vision whereby “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people enjoy long, healthy lives that are centred in culture, with access to services that are prevention-focused, culturally safe and responsive, equitable and free of racism.”

“This partnership has been years in the making, and it is exciting to see it come to fruition through aligning the vision of seven passionate and committed primary health care organisations.”

“This is an important step in advancing the work we all do in delivering high-quality local health services for Aboriginal people in our region.”

“By working in partnership, we are more effective and efficient – directing precious resources where they are most needed.”

“The partnership will see us build and leverage regional capacity to improve health services for all Aboriginal communities across the North Coast.”

“As primary health care organisations, we have a shared responsibility to deliver better outcomes for our Aboriginal communities and address the disparities that currently exist.”

“It is important that responsibility for improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is shared across the health system. That’s what this Partnership will help to foster.”

“Better Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health outcomes will be achieved when Aboriginal people control them. This agreement confirms Healthy North Coast’s commitment to proactively seeking, and listening to, the advice and guidance of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations when it comes to commissioning in Aboriginal health. We are excited about this collaborative model and the opportunities it presents.”

Examples of work that will be supported as part of the Agreement include the development of:

  • A joint North Coast Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Needs Assessment – inclusive of data analysis, community consultation and shared priority setting (by December 2024).
  • An Aboriginal-specific Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Alcohol and Other Drug community-controlled service model (by June 2024).
  • A collaborative Integrated Team Care service model (by June 2024).
  • A Healthy North Coast preferred provider model (complete).

The Partnership complements existing arrangements already in place with the Mid North Coast (Mid North Coast Accord) and Northern NSW Local Health Districts (Northern NSW Aboriginal Partnerships Agreement) to support integrated care across the primary health and acute care system.

Contact for media enquiries

Andy Roberts

Phone: 0448 000 486

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