CWRP – Mackillop Family Services

The Mackillop Family Services Education Program delivers training in evidence-based programs to improve the wellbeing and resilience of children, young people and adults impacted by natural disaster.

The program will:

  • Deliver training for local professionals in evidence-based post-disaster and loss programs for children, young people and adults (Stormbirds and Seasons for Growth).
  • Support organisations to train in the Seasons for Healing Aboriginal program to promote healing and build social support networks
  • Deliver evidence-based education seminars for parents and carers to develop their capacity to support and build resilience in children and young people.
  • Build and sustain ongoing partnerships and relationships between schools, community organisations and professionals through a Community of Practice.

Mackillop works with schools, community and health groups to identify areas of unmet need, and co-design and implement the project to support the mental health and emotional recovery of children, young people and adults following recent natural disasters.

Agency: Mackillop Family Services


Northern NSW

Phone: 1300 379 569

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