Tennis for All

The Bonny Hills Tennis Club proposes to create ‘Tennis for All’, a modified form of the game that makes tennis more accessible for a wider range of people.

The physicality required for full court tennis is often beyond older adults, mobility impaired people and children. Bonny Hills Tennis Club will scale down the size of the tennis court and use modified equipment – offering the same mental and physical wellbeing benefits, as well as important social interaction, to a much wider audience.

The proposed project will bring together members of the community, allowing healing interaction between those who were affected mentally and physically by the bushfires.

Tennis for All offers an appropriate level of exercise intensity and mental stimulation, as well as a high degree of social inclusion and interaction, all in one neat little package. The program will be targeted toward the older adult group, however it is expected that there also be interest from young families – potentially stay-at-home parents and their small children. Not only will this potentially introduce more young people to the sport, but it will also facilitate inter-generational integration, which is a wonderful healing and learning experience.

The program will allow for 4 modified tennis courts to be set up within the Bonny Hills Tennis Club facility, which includes parking and bathroom facilities as well as a clubhouse.

The sessions will be supervised by qualified tennis coaches and instruction will be provided as required.

Agency: Bonny Hills Tennis Club


Port Macquarie-Hastings

Phone: 0421 050 236

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