Roseberry Creek Community – Building Inner Resilience

Workshop Title: She’ll be right. Support Your Nervous System and Build Resilience in Times of Change.

A qualified and skilled yoga trauma teacher will facilitate workshops to gently guide participants to explore the nervous system in theory and practice, using tools to recognise the body’s sensations and gain awareness of reactions, then create the inner space to make choices about keeping their body in the here and now.  Yoga mat and all support materials provided, as well as seated delivery of workshop over a full-day and follow-up half-day workshop. Morning tea and lunch included.

Roseberry Creek Landcare Inc (Est 2005) has been especially active in the last two years, hosting and delivering multiple workshops and activities within COVID parameters (including starting a Facebook page and newsletter) to support landholders to care for the flora and fauna in drought and fire recovery. COVID truncated their post-fire healing opportunities as a community.

As the only organisation in their community positioned to access grants, this opportunity will enable Roseberry Creek Landcare to deliver mental health, health and community cohesion support to their community members.

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Agency: Roseberry Creek Landcare


Roseberry Creek Valley

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