We have some exciting changes we’d love to share with you.

We are Healthy North Coast – an independent not-for-profit organisation that proudly delivers the North Coast PHN program.

We recently refreshed our logo and the brand that defines us. Why? To better reflect our commitment to being a person-centred organisation and to better represent the communities we are working in, and for, across our unique region.

We want to thank the amazing people we get to work with every day. This includes our staff, of course, but it also includes you. Without the connections we have built with community members, health professionals, health system partners, and those beyond the health sector, our collective achievements would not have been possible.

New Healthy North Coast teams

Our new Primary Health Coordinators and Aboriginal Health Coordinators have hit the ground running – and we are so excited to have them onboard.

They’ll be continuing to work with our communities and service providers to support the great work of the North Coast PHN program, but will also be leading other opportunities to help us achieve the healthiest Healthy North Coast we can.

Click here for contact details.

Healthy North Coast professional development

We are excited to be relaunching our education and events program from July 2020. Our local Clinical Societies and Nurse Networks will be a key focus, as will high-quality, region-wide continuing professional development (CPD) that ensures a multidisciplinary appeal – truly something for everyone! 

Click here to learn more about this program, plus educator opportunities, and view upcoming education events.

Healthy North Coast newsletters

Through the COVID-19 response and with the backing of our clinicians, our regular communications efforts have received some wonderfully positive feedback. We are proud to play a support role to all of the fantastic work you have been doing caring for our communities, your patients, and each other through these challenging times.