Healthy North Coast Helping Our Communities to Connect

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our entire community, resulting in significant changes to the way we live. While distancing may have been keeping us apart physically, we’ve been coming together in other ways.

Healthy North Coast’s online directory, Community Connections, was launched last month to help promote and celebrate the different ways that individuals, businesses and services are supporting our region.

In one example, youngsters are offering assistance to isolated elders to go online, feel safe and build confidence using technology. In another, a small town outlines the measures it has put in place to look after neighbours who need care. In a third, a North Coast restaurant explains how it has adapted to keep its doors open and feed customers.

Community Connections can be found at and includes contact information for each listing.

Healthy North Coast Chief Executive Officer Julie Sturgess said Community Connections is a way for people to reach out to customers, the community and one another in tough times.

“We’re seeing our North Coast communities banding together to find innovative ways to continue in the face of COVID-19,” Ms Sturgess said.

“We think everyone will benefit if we can share those great ideas, which might be around food deliveries, fitness and health, financial assistance, education or something completely different.”

If you are providing any services to assist with COVID-19 or have heard about anything great happening in your community, please let us know here at Community Connections.

There’s a simple online form to fill in with brief details about how you, your business or someone you know is adapting to the changed times.

“Together we’ll support each other through COVID-19. Creating awareness helps us all to connect, building strength and resilience, and that’s good for our health and wellbeing,” Ms Sturgess said.

For regularly updated information and advice about COVID-19 and other health and community matters, visit Healthy North Coast at:

Contact for more Information

Mike Hely, Content Marketing & PR Coordinator (MNC)

Phone: (02) 6659 1805

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