Recruiting and Interviewing – Outside the Textbooks

Recruiting the right staff gives your practice stability and supports its long-term viability and reputation. However, sometimes a perfect applicant may not accept your offer of employment or a new recruit may turn out to be unsuitable for your role. Recruitment mistakes can easily happen but these are costly, time consuming and place enormous workload stress on remaining staff.

Recruiting the right person for your role cannot be learnt in a textbook alone – it also requires common-sense, intuition and lateral thinking.

Presented by Ruth Levy, an expereinced HR Manager and Lawyer, this webinar will provide you the tools to know how to:

  • Source applicants for your role – when and where to advertise,
  • Write interesting advertisements which attract the right applicants,
  • Determine which applicants to interview and preparing for the interviews,
  • Conduct effective interviews to identify the most suitable applicant for your role,
  • Conduct effective reference checking, and
  • Understand the offer and negotiation stage.

RSVP Here by Tue 24 November, 05:00 pm

RSVP Here by Tue 24 November, 05:00 pm

Venue: Webinar

Date/Time: Part day | Wed 25 Nov 2020, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm (1hr) AEDT

Cost: $66.00

Event Organiser: Cape Institute

Email: Click here