Leadership with Michael McAfee (Webinar Four)

The final in a four-part webinar series designed to build your leadership capability for collective impact.

Every Friday in November, Healthy North Coast CEO Julie Sturgess will sit down with USA-based Dr Michael McAfee, one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on community and economic development, leadership, organisational development, racial equity, and youth development. Through his role at PolicyLink, Dr McAfee led the effort to make President Obama’s Promise Neighborhoods initiative a reality, improving outcomes for more than 300,000 children and investing billions of dollars in neighbourhoods of concentrated poverty.

Dr McAfee is on a journey to build a legacy grounded in equity – just and fair inclusion into a society in which all are fully participating, prospering and reaching their full potential. He invites you to join him on this journey and gain understanding of how to:

  • Build collaborative leadership capacity and make the case for how your work contributes to desired outcomes for population health.
  • Use the privilege of your seat (no matter where you’re sat) to lead with courage, let go as a leader and sit comfortably in discomfort.
  • Enact policies and systems reforms that build up communities and call communities to step into their greatness.
  • Create measurable improvements and gather evidence for highlighting achievements and results.
  • Deploy, unleash and generate resources to shift the dial on
    common challenges.
  • Embed equity in planning and implementation and prioritise authentic community engagement.
  • Make contributions and use radical imagination to plug into the bigger picture.

This series will support both veteran and aspiring health equity leaders who are seeking to transform public health. It will provide practical step-by-step guidance on how to implement effective practices, build coalitions and partnerships, advance policy change, conduct communications, and develop and use health equity indicators.

If you cannot make the live webinars, register and the Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation will send you a link to the watch-on-demand video recording.

Webinar 4: Changing the Narrative

When we talk about narrative change, we are ultimately talking about a cultural shift — a fundamental change in the dominant views, values, and eventually policies. How we view and talk about health—as individuals, families, neighbourhoods, and as a nation – pushes the narrative further through new partners, messengers, and platforms for discussion, debate, and dissemination.

Advancing a health equity agenda requires advocates to build on creativity and compassion and to bring together new allies from outside the health sector.

This session will explore how to:

  • See the narrative (instead of just changing it)
  • Construct new narratives to enact positive change
  • Spitball strategies and encourage innovation
  • Advocate for significant organisational, social and institutional change
  • Give new allies the tools to promote health equity within their own work

Download the full webinar series program here.


RSVP Here by Fri 27 November, 05:00 pm

RSVP Here by Fri 27 November, 05:00 pm

Venue: Webinar

Date/Time: Part day | Fri 27 Nov 2020, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (1.5hrs) AEDT

Event Organiser: Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation

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