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The Engaging Men Male Health Promotion Training Course equips anyone who wants to work with men with knowledge and skills to work more effectively with males, with the aim of improving their health, wellbeing, and lives. The program recognises the challenges that men and boys face in today’s world of rapid change and provides a space for men and women who work with men and boys to develop health promotion skills and strategies that are male friendly and effective.  No previous experience or knowledge is required – only a willingness to learn, explore and grow.
The program combines evidence-based theory and practice with a focus on developing individual awareness and interpersonal and group skills.

Engaging Men is based in a social determinants of health model and is inclusive of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers’ health and wellbeing needs.

Engaging Men identifies barriers in health care and offers potential and existing solutions to overcome these barriers in a range of health care settings. The concept of multiple masculinities recognises that not all men are the same and they cannot be engaged with one technique or strategy. Its all about diversity of men and design of programs to suit the group of men you are working with. The perception that men are disinterested in their health is challenged and a range of approaches will be discussed, for use in the community, health care settings and in the workplace.

RSVP Here by Wed 20 January, 05:00 pm

RSVP Here by Wed 20 January, 05:00 pm

Venue: Webinar

Date/Time: Multi day | Thu 28 Jan - Fri 29 Jan 2021, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (3hrs each day) AEDT

Cost: $150

Event Organiser: Men's Health Services

Contact: Greg Millan

Phone: 0417772390

Email: Click here

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