PPE request form

Surgical mask requests

General practices and ACCHS will generally be allocated two boxes (100 masks) in each delivery cycle.

After-hours GP home visiting services, MDS and nurse practitioner owned or led primary care practices, allied health providers and pharmacies may be allocated one box (50 masks) in each delivery cycle.

Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis and frequency of distribution considered. Your Primary Health Coordinator will advise via email when masks have been dispatched.

P2 mask & gown requests

P2 masks are only available to general practices and ACCHS who need to assess suspected COVID-19 cases because they do not have a dedicated respiratory clinic, hospital fever clinic or emergency department nearby. P2 masks are only required for aerosol-generating procedures or where there is uncontrolled coughing and must be used with other appropriate PPE and isolation facilities.

Gowns are only available to GP respiratory clinics, general practices and ACCHS with a demonstrated need, including:

  • Where there is no local supply available commercially.
  • Where practices have a population which may be more likely to have been exposed to the novel coronavirus.
  • Where practices have an unusual number of patients presenting with respiratory symptoms.

Allocation of P2 masks and gowns per practice will be determined by the practice size and need, including the number of patients the practice is likely to assess and test. Your Primary Health Coordinator will be in touch to discuss your request.

Please ensure you are eligible to receive P2 masks and/or gowns by checking the Commonwealth distribution guidelines.