Service Registration Assistant – update clinician/service info in one place, publish to many (NNSW)

The Service Registration Assistant (SRA) is an eHealth NSW and Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) initiative designed to improve the accuracy of health service contact information and streamline administrative tasks for health service providers.

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The SRA is a proof of concept pilot currently underway in Northern NSW. It is designed to provide a single point of data entry for your practice, service and clinician details. No more having to update multiple places every time a new clinician joins the practice.  Update in the SRA and your clinician and practice information will be sent to the external services you wish to update!

Easy checkboxes give you full control of external services you want to automatically ‘publish’ your information to, including Northern NSW LHD, secure messaging services like HealthLink and Argus, the NHSD, and more.

The SRA is designed to:

  • Increase accurate delivery of hospital discharge summaries to clinicians – inaccurate contact information is a key cause of discharge summary delivery failure.
  • Provide up-to-date practice and clinician information to secure messaging services and pathology providers.
  • Increase the accuracy of clinician and practice information held by external services you choose to advise. The National Health Services Directory and other information portals, for example, can be on your list of external services to publish to, making you easier to find for new patients.

Over 50 practices and 180 clinicians in Northern NSW are already using the SRA, resulting in significant improvements in data quality and electronic communications between practices and Northern NSW LHD.

The SRA can be used by general practices, AMSs, allied health practices and specialists.

Pilot evaluation commences in July 2020, but you can still register at any time.

What's Involved

Healthy North Coast can assist with the registration process for Northern NSW general practices, AMSs, allied health practices and specialists.

This is a free service, registration is straight-forward and can be done in about 20 minutes. Step-by-step instruction, pre-registration paperwork, and support are provided.

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Alissa Reeve
Senior Manager, Digital Health
02 6618 5441

Coordinator Contacts

Our organisation highly values our front-line partners in general practice, allied health, the Local Health Districts, as well as the wider health, mental health, and social service sectors.

The first point of contact for partner organisations and professionals seeking to improve joint health outcomes in the North Coast is the regional Primary Care Coordinators listed below.

Aboriginal health is a key priority for our organisation. We are committed to improving health outcomes and equitable outcomes across our region.

We have a dedicated Aboriginal Health Team to ensure Aboriginal health priorities across the North Coast are led by and identified in consultation with the Aboriginal Community Controlled sector (ACCS), Aboriginal people and communities.

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Mental Health Practitioner Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

Any APHRA or AASW registered mental health practitioner providing services in the Mid-North Coast and/or Northern NSW.

By listing, you will let GPs, other referrers and consumers know that you are practising in Mid-North Coast and/or Northern NSW. You can provide information such as where you are located, the services you provide, the population groups you support and your clinical interests.

No, the Directory is a free service provided by Healthy North Coast.

This Directory enables you to provide real-time information about your availability to accept referrals as well as how long people may have to wait for an appointment. You can update this information as your availability changes. This will help GPs and other referrers make sure they only refer clients to practitioners that have the capacity to see them.

It also has a range of advanced search options and supports printing and bookmarking of search results.

You can choose to display your email address and your phone number so that people can contact you directly. You may prefer not to display these, in which case people can contact you by completing an enquiry form located in the Directory. Your choices can be updated anytime.

You can indicate wait times for an appointment for a new client or that you are currently unable to accept new referrals. You can also choose whether to display or hide your contact details. You can update your choices at any time.

Yes, you can update your listing or remove it at any time by xxxx Sam? You can also show on your listing when you are taking extended leave or are not available for a specific period, rather than completely removing your listing.

We will send you an email every three months prompting you to check that your information is up to date.

You will be responsible for managing the information in your listing and ensuring that it is up to date. You will also be asked to check the information before it is published in the Directory.