Request your free surgical masks

Healthy North Coast has a limited supply of masks available for distribution to general practices, ACCHS, community pharmacists and allied health providers.

Surgical masks are available for general practitioners, ACCHS and community pharmacists who have no local supply available or are in high-risk locations. Surgical masks are not intended for sale or public distribution.

Allied health professionals are able to access a limited supply of masks for use of their staff when they are working in higher risk clinical areas, and with higher risk vulnerable patients. Please also note advice regarding aerosol generating respiratory therapies here.

P2 masks are only available to general practices and ACCHS who need to assess suspected COVID-19 cases because they do not have a dedicated respiratory clinic or Emergency Department nearby. P2 masks are only required for aerosol-generating procedures or where there is uncontrolled coughing and must be used with other appropriate PPE and isolation facilities. If your practice requires P2 masks, please email:

Two boxes of surgical masks (100 masks) are available per general practice and ACCHS in each cycle delivery.

One box (50 masks) is available for pharmacy and allied health.

Masks for the July delivery cycle are now available.