COVID-19 Guidance for Community Pharmacies

NSW Health has updated their guidance for community pharmacies on COVID-19, including prevention of infection.

Pharmacies should display signage to encourage patients with symptoms to seek COVID-19 testing by:

  • Calling their GP
  • Calling 1800 022 222 (healthdirect)
  • Visiting a COVID-19 clinic

Displaying information about testing near cold and flu products is also encouraged.

A poster is available for download.

NSW Health has also updated their advice for pharmacists on managing the supply of medicines in the pandemic and assisting patients in home isolation.

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Advice on physically signing PBS prescriptions

Under the interim arrangement for the supply of prescription medicines, patients are not required to sign for receipt of supply if it is not practical to do so. The pharmacist may sign on behalf of the patient, unless it is not practical for them to do so.

More information is available here.