COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Residential Aged Care

The new COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Residential Aged Care HealthPathway is for general practitioners and specialists assessing and managing patients in residential aged care facilities (RACFs). There is a handy link at the beginning of this pathway to the COVID-19 Information and  COVID-19 Initial Assessment and Management HealthPathways.

The ‘Background‘ section provides a brief overview about COVID-19 in RACFs, which includes information about the spread, incubation, communicability, patient deterioration and how the virus is spread.  Avoidance of exposure is the single most important measure to preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 in RACFs.

The ‘Assessment‘ section provides comprehensive information about outbreak preparation planning, including:

  • What a GP can expect if an outbreak occurs
  • The GP role in responding to an outbreak
  • Measures to minimise infection risk
  • Planning clinical management
  • Specific guided steps to take in monitoring the current health status and management of all residents.

There is also a detailed guide on assessment of suspected or proven COVID-19 cases.

The ‘Management‘ section provides information to assist with clinical management and decision making, communication with patients, family members and the outbreak team, palliative care resources and guidelines for managing a COVID-19 related death if required.

At the beginning of the ‘Referral‘ section there is a link to the COVID-19 Referrals HealthPathway which provides information on:

  • How to seek COVID-19 clinical advice
  • How to arrange COVID-19 testing
  • The location of COVID-19 clinics and general practice respiratory clinics
  • How to access masks from the national stockpile
  • Accommodation and general support available to patients in home-isolation

There are also links to the Public Health Unit, Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS), palliative care advice and specialist palliative care services.

The ‘For Health Professionals‘ section provides links to education and further information resources. There are also informative links that can be provided to patients and links to sources that were referred to for pathways content.

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