COVID-19 Amber Alert: Advice for Private and Independent Providers

Following the adoption of amber alert COVID-19 measures by NSW Health, the Clinical Excellence Commission has published new FAQs:

COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control: Response and Escalation Framework – FAQs (PDF)

In short, they advise that the escalation to amber alert applies to surgical mask use within 1.5 metres of patients in all health care facilities and community health services operated by NSW Health (including hospital in the home). Private and independent health care providers may refer to their advice for guidance and to inform their own local risk assessments.

Request Surgical Masks

Healthy North Coast has a limited supply of masks available for distribution to general practices, ACCHS, community pharmacists and allied health providers. A maximum of two boxes per practice is available per order.

The current guidelines for the distribution of masks are available via this link.

If you would like to order masks, please click here.