Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for People Living with PTSD

Article and image supplied by i love myself yoga

Do some of your clients with trauma symptoms get stuck time and time again in overwhelming feelings, making it difficult for them to engage with you? Are you looking for ways to help them be more focussed in the here and now?

Joining trauma-sensitive yoga classes can empower your clients to reconnect with their bodies in the present moment.

Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga is an adjunctive treatment for complex trauma or chronic treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder. The focus of trauma-sensitive yoga is on empowering trauma survivors to reclaim, or build, a more positive relationship with their body through interoception and choice making.

Some of the benefits mentioned by students of Trauma Sensitive Yoga are:

  • Connecting with feelings and emotions in your body in a safe way.
  • Increasing your tolerance to stay with challenging feelings and emotions.
  • Being in your body in the here and now, not in the past.
  • Building a safer, more positive relationship with yourself and your body.
  • Learning to make choices based on what you are feeling in your body.
  • Feeling empowered to find things out from your own experience and act on it yourself.
  • Being able to be yourself while being in a group of others.
  • Finding a safe space without having to talk about your trauma or talk to others.

A six-week trauma-sensitive yoga course starts on 15 May 2019 in Lismore.

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Private group courses and individual sessions also available.

The course will be run by Sam Voolstra, a certified and experienced yoga teacher with the lived experience of PTSD. She is also a certified Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga teacher and a certified iRest mindfulness meditation teacher. Sam currently teaches trauma-sensitive yoga at the Mental Health Unit of Lismore Base Hospital.