Suicide Risk HealthPathway

“My life’s not worth living.” What do you do when you hear these words?

Australia’s suicide rate is of major concern. From 2011-2015 the number of people who ended their own lives was 10,407. In NSW alone, a high proportion of suicide deaths recorded were between the ages of 20-29 years.

The Suicide Risk HealthPathway has been created by a workgroup of local clinicians with expertise in mental health. The pathway provides some useful tools that can assist in the clinical evaluation of people at imminent risk of suicide.

The pathway includes an assessment and management section based on best practice guidelines, a referral section and culturally appropriate advice and red flags.

The assessment section:

  • explains the limits of confidentiality between you and your client
  • provides a guide to those specific population groups who may be at higher risk
  • provides examples of screening questions that may flag a need to enquire further about suicide risk
  • provides a guide to assess the levels of risk and safety needs

The management section:

  • includes suicide crisis intervention techniques
  • provides clear steps for management based on the person’s safety needs
  • provides a ‘Keep me safe’ plan which can be prepared for the client with a list of emergency contacts and an individualised self-care plan

The referral section provides information to local referral services and links to:

The ‘Patient Information’ section provides Lifeline and other useful counselling numbers and a printable PDF from the Black Dog Institute on ‘Facts about Suicide’.

For a list of all localised pathways see:

Mid and North Coast Localised Pathways
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