Kempsey GP Access

Community access to general practice services has been identified as a significant issue by local clinicians in Kempsey.

On 4 July, Tim Agius from Durri ACMS and NCPHN convened a meeting of Kempsey general practitioners, MNCLHD senior management and the Rural Doctors Network (RDN) to examine the challenges with general practice services in Kempsey.

The meeting discussed the potential for integrated and collaborative approaches that could support improved access to general practice, including the recruitment of additional GPs.

The following six strategies were identified to enhance primary health services in Kempsey.

  • Strategy 1: Undertake a more detailed analysis of the supply of, and demand for, general practitioners within the Kempsey District.
  • Strategy 2: Identify and describe integrated models of care that promote wellness and reduce demand on primary care services.
  • Strategy 3: Identify strategies for improved collaboration between the Local Health District and general practice to promote smoother transition of GPs into the area, enabling possible access to GP/VMO appointments.
  • Strategy 4: Initiate communication with the Department of Health to explore DWS exemption for Kempsey area. Project Lead: RDN
  • Strategy 5: Develop a proposal to offer primary care registrars flexibility to work throughout health services in the Kempsey District (Durri AMS, general practice, emergency departments, etc).
  • Strategy 6: Prepare a paper to attract a broader array of allied health personnel to the Kempsey area.

The group is reconvening on 5 September 2017 to follow up on the progress of these strategies.

If you are a health professional working in Kempsey and would like further information on this program, please contact Siobhan Breedon on [email protected] or 0408 583 927.