COVID-19 RACF Outbreak GP Framework – Are You a Team Leader?

The implementation of the COVID-19 Residential Aged Care Facility Outbreak GP Framework continues at a pace.

Healthy North Coast is hearing from the RACF managers that GP Team Leaders are starting to come forward. Could this be a role for you? It is a remote role only and focuses on being a conduit with the GP team, with the core work being communication and coordination. Would you have the capacity to take this on during the first few weeks of an outbreak?

The role involves:

  • A daily call into the RACF outbreak team meeting to represent the GPs.
  • Daily email updates with the rest of the GP team keeping everyone in the loop.
  • A daily call to the GP locum if you are part of a large outbreak.
  • Setting up a weekly on-call roster for the GP team.

The Team Leader role is reimbursed through Healthy North Coast on a competitive hourly rate, supported by the Healthy North Coast Ageing Team both now and during an outbreak.

For more information talk with your RACF manager or contact:

Bron McCrae
Deputy Director, Healthy Living and Ageing
Healthy North Coast
[email protected]