Are You a GP Working in a Residential Aged Care Facility?

If there is a COVID-19 outbreak, how will you replace the hours you lose each week?

Why not consider the Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) GP Team Leader role?

Over the last few months, Healthy North Coast has been implementing the COVID-19 RACF GP Framework. The initiative can be viewed on this Primary Care Impact page.

The framework supports GPs to be ready for an outbreak and provides the opportunity for one GP at each RACF to work as the GP Team Leader, a remote working role whose sole purpose is communication with and on behalf of the GP team (noting that the facility will be in lockdown and GPs and other practitioners will not be visiting).

Why participate?

  • Be the GP voice and have a seat at the outbreak response table in the RACF.
  • Be a voice for your community’s older people and help keep them safe.
  • Be the support person for the GP Locum, who will be sourced by Healthy North Coast for large outbreaks.
  • Be part of the local clinical team (Local Health District, Public Health Unit) supporting the RACF and their staff to mitigate the risk of transmission into community.
  • Experience working under the support of the Clinical Excellence Commission and senior clinical infectious diseases experts at state and Commonwealth level.
  • Be part of the co-ordinated response planning occurring now and reduce stress and confusion in event of outbreak.
  • Your practice will be ‘super’ ready for a community outbreak with this additional experience and knowledge.

The role is paid at a competitive hourly rate, and it is supported by regular updates from the Healthy North Coast Ageing Team with current information on outbreak preventative actions and updates.

If you are interested in this role, please either talk with your RACF manager or contact:

Bron McCrae, Deputy Director — Healthy Living and Ageing, Healthy North Coast: [email protected]

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Fact Sheet
Management Kit

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