needs assessment

Through the North Coast PHN program, we identify health needs and service gaps and, based on this evidence, prioritise activity to address those needs.

We encourage you to learn, inform, respond and embed recent local health evidence in your work so that, together, we can support healthy communities on the North Coast:

  • Learn about current local health needs and facts
  • Inform your stakeholders about the available reports and factsheets via organisational newsletters, websites, social media and emails
  • Respond to raised needs, challenges and concerns when interacting with clients and by developing work plans that address highlighted needs and challenges
  • Embed findings when applying for health service tenders and planning health activities

We regularly use various tools and methods to assess local health needs including: ongoing advisory committee meetings, conducting large-scale community surveys, primary health data analysis, the monitoring of state and national health data, as well as participation in local forums with health professionals, service providers and community members.

Information collected in these activities is reviewed, analysed and reported in the following resources:

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The below fact sheets contain the most up-to-date health and service statistics, as well as community perspectives gained from our 2018 local health needs assessment community survey:

Themed fact sheets are also available:

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Needs Assessment Reports

Our 2019-2022 needs assessment reports build on previous needs assessments and have identified a range of health and health system issues to be addressed. We examined health and health system needs through a triangulation of improved health statistics and service data.

In addition to publicly available national and state data, the reports include findings from the 2018 local health needs assessment community survey that was held in June 2018 and completed by 3,372 North Coast locals from Port Macquarie to Tweed Heads.

Download our 2018 Needs Assessment Reports:

NCPHN Needs Assessment Report 2018 - General Population
General Population
NCPHN Needs Assessment Report 2018 - Mental Health
Primary Mental Health
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

2018 Local Health Needs Community Survey

In June 2018, we launched ‘Speak Up’ – a large-scale community survey that sought to gather unique local information from community members, about the barriers and challenges they faced when accessing and using local health services.

The survey focused on services provided by general practitioners, specialist doctors, allied health, mental health, alcohol and other drug, and aged care services.

The survey responses have delivered valuable and unique information about accessibility, health challenges, health service providers and service quality across the North Coast.

The survey objectives were to:

  • Better understand community health needs;
  • Fill in the gaps from available data; and
  • Inform the community and stakeholders about survey outcomes.

Overall, 3,372 NSW North Coast residents completed the survey. Before the analysis stage, survey data was weighted for age and sex, to better reflect the North Coast population.

Findings from the survey continue to inform planning and decision making when designing solutions to identified local health and service needs.

We would like to thank the 148 local organisations and many more community champions that helped to engage the community with the 2018 survey.

Key findings from the survey have been presented to the public and are available to watch below:

In this short video, our CEO Ms Julie Sturgess introduces the 2018 Community Local Health Needs Survey and presents information about the North Coast PHN program, our region, and the organisation’s vision and priority areas.

This presentation was delivered in four locations during September 2018: Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Tweed Heads and Lismore.

Learn more about the Federal Government’s PHN Program, the North Coast PHN region, and how NCPHN plans to achieve its vision of “Healthy people in North Coast communities”.

In this video, we present the findings of the 2018 Community Local Health Needs Survey that was conducted in June 2018. The presentation shares data, analysis and interpretations of the findings relating to the respondents from four cohorts: Older people (aged 65 years and above); Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people; people with a mental health challenge; and people with a challenge with alcohol or drug use.

The presentation highlights issues around the following topics: access to primary health services; health professionals that were hard to see; challenges to accessing local health services, and the quality of local primary health care services. In conclusion, future directions are discussed and viewers can learn about how they can get involved with Healthy North Coast.