Mental Health Literacy – Lived Experience Panel

Expressions of Interest

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mental Health Literacy – Lived Experience Panel. Expressions of interests are open to people with lived experience of mental ill-health and carers of people with lived experience.

The panel will help to design tools and resources that help people act early and seek support.

Your knowledge and insights are vital to ensure that the tools or resources we develop, are local, easy to understand, and meet the needs of our community.

Panel member role’s will include:

  • attending co-design workshops and meetings
  • helping us design information and tools
  • contributing to the discussions about health
  • literacy for people experiencing mental ill-health
  • sharing your thoughts on what it is like to access health services, what the system currently does well and where it could improve.
Please submit your EOI by 5pm Monday 28 March 2022.

Financial reimbursement is available.

Submit your details today using the form below, or click here to learn more about mental health literacy.

Health literacy is:

  • how well health professionals communicate
  • how easy it is for people to access, understand and act on health information and services.

Mental health literacy is:

  • being able to recognise mental health conditions
  • knowing about risk factors, causes and how to
  • find mental health information
  • knowing what professional help is available
  • mental health services that are easy to access
  • and known in the community
  • attitudes that promote recognising mental health and encouraging appropriate help seeking.

Have questions? Contact our mental health team.