Join Healthy North Coast’s Immunisation Community of Practice

A community of practice (CoP) is a group of people with a shared passion who come together and learn how to do better.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Participants in Healthy North Coast’s Immunisation Community of Practice will be able to dial in to monthly webinars — short, informative sessions that will bring you up to speed on important immunisation issues. Webinars are held on the last Wednesday of every month (excluding school holidays). All sessions are recorded, so even if you can’t make the live webinar you can register to receive the recording afterwards.

The Healthy North Coast Immunisation CoP is your opportunity to ask questions, share local knowledge and connect with other immunisation providers.

“As it grows you can expect to receive local resources, timely information, bite-size ‘how to’ videos and more,” says Eva James, Population Health Coordinator at Healthy North Coast.

“We’ll provide updates on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, but we’ll also delve into other key issues facing our immunisation providers who deliver childhood and adult vaccinations. You can expect education on running a large vaccination clinic, vaccine storage and cold chain management, developing and managing recall and reminder systems, influenza vaccine, catch-up vaccination and how to best utilise the Australian Immunisation Register.

“We have a very skilled and dedicated immunisation workforce across the North Coast and the community of practice will support the sharing of immunisation expertise, skills and experience in our region.”

The Healthy North Coast Immunisation CoP is designed to upskill and inform practitioners of all disciplines. This includes:

  • Nurses
  • General practitioners
  • Midwives
  • Aboriginal health workers
  • Practice managers
  • Pharmacists
  • Aged care providers
  • Allied health practitioners
  • Specialists

By joining the Immunisation CoP, you agree to Healthy North Coast contacting you about upcoming webinars, resources and local news relating to immunisation.