Improve preparation of emergency equipment

All general practices need to ensure comprehensive emergency protocols, equipment and medicines are in place to achieve best practice and manage adverse events following immunisation (AEFI). This QI activity assists general practices to prepare emergency equipment, including ensuring the anaphylaxis kit is fully stocked and up to date. Thank you to Dr John Moran from

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Socially distanced vaccination in general practice

In order to prevent the potential spread of infection while vaccinating for influenza and COVID-19, it’s time to review and improve your procedure from last year and put systems into place to maintain social distancing and infection control. Learn from the ideas and efforts of colleagues embedded in the activity below, including a new PDSA from

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Improve cold chain management of vaccines

Exposure to temperatures outside the correct range diminishes the potency of vaccines. General practice has a key role to play in maintaining the cold chain management of vaccines to ensure maximum efficacy. This QI activity will assist you to prepare and maintain high-quality systems for the cold chain management of vaccines. Please note: If you

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Increase capacity of frontline staff to manage anxious or demanding patients during the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts

Rolling out COVID-19 and influenza vaccines is a challenge and may understandably cause increased stress and anxiety in general practice. Health professionals will have to manage a range of reactions from their patients, including defensiveness, anger and fear. There are three key strategies for increasing the capacity of frontline staff to manage anxious or demanding

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Improve recording and updating of immunisation data to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

It is mandatory for vaccination providers to report all vaccinations administered to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). Non-compliance can result in a financial penalty. Uploading to the AIR allows you to actively support immunisation coverage in your local community, as well as contribute to the national immunisation coverage measurement. It also helps your practice to:

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Increase rate of influenza immunisation for high risk patients

Data searches in PEN CS can help you identify and reach out to at-risk groups for influenza immunisation. See PDSAs below from Central Pottsville Medical Centre for examples of how they used data and a team approach to identify and reach out to at risk groups. Thanks to Lyndall and the team at Central Pottsville

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Improve recording of influenza immunisation for patients with COPD, diabetes and 65+

View our North Coast performance against the national average.