When you educate with us, you are supported to plan and deliver education for teams working in primary health care – general practice, Aboriginal health, and allied health settings.

You will work with our clinical educator team to design engaging and locally-relevant content with clear learning outcomes. Comprehensive event management support is provided and our in-house communications team can help you reach your required clinical audience.

Educating with Healthy North Coast Primary Health Care Workforce can be as simple as sharing with us your ideas for education. Complete our event request form and our team will be in touch. From there we can create a master plan that includes all aspects of the event, including:

  • Venue selection, logistics and catering
  • Event management technology (for online education)
  • Speakers and presenters
  • Promotion and registration
  • Budget and evaluation
  • Accreditation and/or certificates

Talk to our team about educating with Healthy North Coast Primary Health Care Workforce.