Lismore Suicide Prevention Collaborative

North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN) is participating in the National Suicide Prevention Trial as part of the new National Suicide Prevention Strategy. NCPHN has facilitated the establishment of a Suicide Prevention Steering Committee for the Lismore Local Government Area to initiate and support local integrated multi-sectorial approaches and strong local engagement and to design and implement strategies to reduce the prevalence of suicide.

The trial aims to prevent suicide and promote good mental health and wellbeing across the Lismore Local Government Area by adopting an evidence-based, integrated approach to suicide prevention. The trial is using the Black Dog Institute’s LifeSpan model, which combines nine community-led strategies connecting new and existing interventions while building a suicide prevention safety net for the Lismore community.

The Lismore trial is overseen by a Steering Committee made up of local service providers, people with lived experience of suicide, government and non-government agencies, and is led by a full-time project coordinator. The Lismore Suicide Prevention Collaborative has developed an Action Plan that has five overarching objectives and individual initiatives – detailed in this Action Plan Summary.

NCPHN funding contributes to the ongoing employment of the Lismore Community Project Coordinator, with support from Lifeline Direct; as well as funding the project’s initiatives, including the delivery of training to community members and various organisations throughout 2019 – 2020.