Pneumovax 23 Vaccine Out of Stock

Due to unprecedented demand, Pneumovax 23 vaccine (23vPPV) is now out of stock until further notice.

Orders placed from 28 April 2020 to 11 June 2020 that were in back order will be delivered this week. Please do not schedule appointments until you have received your vaccine delivery. If your practice had a back order and then placed a subsequent order on 12 June, the subsequent order will be cancelled.

Orders placed from 12 June 2020 will be delivered from 15 June 2020 onwards, however the amount of doses you have order may be reduced to ensure equitable supply to all practices.

Immunisation providers are reminded that healthy adults over 65 years do not require a booster dose of Pneumovax 23. Repeat doses of 23vPPV given within five years of the first dose can be associated with an increased risk of severe local injection site reactions such as abscess or cellulitis.