Digital Health Guide

Do you think there’s an app-alling number of digital health apps out there? We do. That’s why North Coast Primary Health Network is funding the Digital Health Guide <insert app-lause>. You might be app-rehensive at first, but you’ll soon develop a strong app-reciation for this app-roach during practice app-ointments.

Download the below flyer for general practice and allied health professionals, plus watch this video for more information:

This makes us h-app-y!

As an early adopter, we’ll create access for you ahead of the general roll out across our region.

The Digital Health Guide will be available for general practitioners and
allied health professionals to use for free! Accounts will be created for
everyone by late September but you can opt out below and we’ll take your details off the implementation list.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact the NCPHN Digital Health Team on 02 6618 5400 or to send a message  click here

Agency: Semantic Consulting


Whole of North Coast