Break It Down North Coast

Break It Down North Coast aims to improve young Aboriginal people’s social and emotional wellbeing through a community development and engagement approach in eight communities across the region.

Connection to Country and culture, strength in identity and self-determination are known to improve social and emotional wellbeing among young Aboriginal people.

Working collaboratively with Elders, young people, community leaders and local service providers, Desert Pea Media’s Break It Down is an Aboriginal youth mental health literacy program. The program provides a safe space for young people to express themselves about difficult topics like mental health, and the use of alcohol and other drugs. Throughout the work, the Break It Down team work closely with mental and allied health professionals.

Break It Down North Coast will be delivered through a series of workshops where participants collectively explore some of the challenges they see their communities facing around social and emotional wellbeing. Ultimately, these workshop conversations form the basis for writing the lyrics to a hip-hop song, recording a music video and taking part in short films. The professional media content produced articulates an innovative conversation around mental health, and helps young people to ‘break down’ stigmas associated with these topics.

Community roadshows to showcase the music videos and short films, plus a region-wide evaluation, will also be delivered as part of the project.

Agency: Desert Pea Media


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